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  MLP Aluminum Servo Arms
  Product: MLP Aluminum Servo Arm
  Category: Control
  Material: Aluminum 6061-T6 Stock
  Construction: CNC Machined
  Style: Half-, Full-Style Arms
  Sizes: 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 Half / 2.5, 3.0 Full
  Compatible Servos: JR, Futaba, Hitec, Multiplex, Becker
  Finish: Color Anodized
  Oversized: No
US Patented Design
Int'l Patents Pending

That's right! We have not forgotten about you Futaba users. We still have some of these 9152 specific MLP servo arm in stock!

NOTE: Since servo output torque decreases in proportion to servo arm length exceeding 1 in., please exercise caution in selecting servos with appropriate output to use with this arm.

1.5-in. Size Available for . . . Hitec, Futaba, JR

MLP JR 1 in. Half Arm MLP Hitec 1.25 in. Half Arm MLP Multiplex 2.5 in. Full Arm MLP Futaba 3 in. Full Arm

The only servo arms that actually improve control precision of your servo output ... bar none.

    • Design Specifically For High Performance Metal-Gear Digital Servos
    • Reduce Play In Servo Output Drive Shaft
    • Improve Servo Output Precision
    • CNC Machined Aluminum 6061 Bar Stock
    • Color Anodized Finish
    • Reinforced Arm Geometry For High Load Applications
Conventional Servo ArmConventional servos, whether they are an entry-level servo or a state-of-the-art coreless digital servo, attempt some scheme to seamlessly contain its output drive shaft to the servo casing. From an economical plain bushing based spport of the servo drive shaft to the precision oriented ball-bearing setup, no servo manufacturer has successfully eliminated the presence of play in its output drive shaft which wobbles about the case-shaft junction. Unfortunately this is also an inherent nature of all mechanical devices and will only worsen over time.

The most consequential effect of this 'wobbling' output is the significant loss in precision of servo arm movement. What this means to our radio-controlled models is the inability to maintain exact deflection of the control surface or element and furthermore, presence of undesirable movements.

AirWild Hobbies' MLP Servo Arms effectively address this inherent servo issue with our patent pending Minimal Lateral Play, or MLP servo arm architecture.

MLP Servo Arm MLP architecture cleverly dampens the 'wobbling' output effect of any servo by lowering its rotational plane very close to the case-shaft junction which is the origin of the undesirable output play. This effectively reduces output shaft's movements in the X-Y planes due to poor fit, deviated tolerance or dated wear in servo bushing or ball bearing.

The significant gain in servo's output precision will equally benefit an everyday low-cost sport servo as well as a top-of-the-line, high-performance digital servo. Furthermore the innovative geometry of our MLP servo arm's reinforcement ribs offer awesome torsional resistance to high loads often seen in typical giant scale control applications.

Unlike conventional servo arms that often pre-drilled multiple holes for securing linkage devices, AirWild MLP servo arms feature only one 4-40 tapped hole (two for full arms), plus a scored center reference line for drilling additional holes as needed. Such layout offers several benefits over the conventional setup:
  1. Extra holes stand to weaken the structural strength of servo arm under high loads.
  2. When requiring additional holes use the scored center reference line as guide to assure centering.
  3. Location of the new hole can be exactly placed.
All and all, MLP Servo Arm is just a better, smart and innovative solution to your precision control needs. So next time before you upgrade your servos for better performance, try out a MLP servo arm. You will be pleasantly surprise!

1.0'' Half Arm, JR Part No.: AW60-001-01 MSRP: $8.50
1.25'' Half Arm, JR Part No.: AW60-002-01 MSRP: $8.85
1.5'' Half Arm, JR Part No.: AW60-005-01 MSRP: $10.65
2.50'' Full Arm, JR Part No.: AW60-003-01 MSRP: $9.55
3.0'' Full Arm, JR Part No.: AW60-004-01 MSRP: $10.65
1.0'' Half Arm, Multiplex Part No.: AW60-011-01 MSRP: $8.50
1.25'' Half Arm, Multiplex Part No.: AW60-012-01 MSRP: $8.85
2.50'' Full Arm, Multiplex Part No.: AW60-013-01 MSRP: $9.55
3.0'' Full Arm, Multiplex Part No.: AW60-014-01 MSRP: $10.65
1.0'' Half Arm, Hitec ''+'' Part No.: AW60-031-02 MSRP: $8.50
1.25'' Half Arm, Hitec ''+'' Part No.: AW60-032-02 MSRP: $8.85
1.5'' Half Arm, Hitec ''+'' Part No.: AW60-035-02 MSRP: $10.65
2.50'' Full Arm, Hitec ''+'' Part No.: AW60-033-02 MSRP: $9.55
3.0'' Full Arm, Hitec ''+'' Part No.: AW60-034-02 MSRP: $10.65
1.0'' Half Arm, Futaba Part No.: AW60-041-01 MSRP: $8.50
1.25'' Half Arm, Futaba Part No.: AW60-042-01 MSRP: $8.85
1.5'' Half Arm, Futaba Part No.: AW60-045-01 MSRP: $10.65
2.50'' Full Arm, Futaba Part No.: AW60-043-01 MSRP: $9.55
3.0'' Full Arm, Futaba Part No.: AW60-044-01 MSRP: $10.65
1.25'' Half Arm, Futaba 9152 Part No.: AW60-046-01 MSRP: $8.85
1.5'' Half Arm, Futaba 9152 Part No.: AW60-047-01 MSRP: $10.65
2.50'' Full Arm, Futaba 9152 Part No.: AW60-048-01 MSRP: $9.55
3.0'' Full Arm, Futaba 9152 Part No.: AW60-049-01 MSRP: $10.65

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